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  • My Reading Life: A Book Journal

    My Reading Life: A Book Journal

    Here’s a little book to keep track of all the books you read. I used it last year and recommend it highly. It was fun to fill out, gave me lots of ideas and recommendations, helped me understand what kind of books I like and made me remember them better. The journal has space to…

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  • Educated and Educating {Books by Daughter and Mother}

    Educated and Educating {Books by Daughter and Mother}

    Educated: Tara Westover, 2018 (the daughter) Educating: LaRee Westover, 2020 (the mom) Autobiography One family. Two very different viewpoints. Educated Educated is a book about Tara’s troubled childhood on into how she deals with things as an adult. She describes her life near Clifton, Idaho as traumatic and unsettling. Her father distrusted the government and…

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  • Dear L. M. Montgomery

    Dear L. M. Montgomery

    I just want to tell you that your books have been my friends. Anne of Green Gables was the first book written by you that I read. I loved Anne and all her poetic raptures and silly scrapes. And I couldn’t understand why she was so contrary to Gilbert. Which made me pick up the…

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  • Libraries I Have Loved

    Libraries I Have Loved

    Libraries have played a huge role in my reading life. I grew up going to our local library and as I left home, I found the local library where I was living at the time. All of these hold a special place in my heart! DeSmet, SD The Hazel L Meyer Memorial Library is the…

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  • We Have Time

    We Have Time

    As we were driving recently, I found myself singing the song God Has Time. Every line reminded me of his care and then I noticed it also reminded me of the important things that I should care about too. Maybe I am reading between the lines and getting more out of the song than the…

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  • Welcome to So She Reads

    Welcome to So She Reads

    Reading has always been a part of our lives. We remember the many evenings back at Redstone Valley Farm with mom reading to us. In my mind, we were usually sitting on the floor, leaning on the couch. I have absolutely NO IDEA why we sat on the floor and not in the soft comfort…

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