Why Everyone Needs a Book Club and a Review

  1. You get a chance to get together with friends and talk about books.
  2. You have a good reason to leave the children with Gram. She loves it and so do they.
  3. You read books outside of your favorite genre
  4. Reading is excellent therapy. Had a rough day? Read. Had a good day? Read. Rainy day? Read. Sunshine? Read.
  5. You get to know people you have known all your life in a completely different way. You can understand them better. Real life situations are discussed and solutions reached.
  6. One study says belonging to a book club could help you live longer. No matter if you live longer or not, you definitely will have a better quality of life.

And last but not least, you get to read books like Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (which is the whole point of this post).

I have been reading the blog called Sean of the South for quite a few months. He has a blog post every single day and the more posts I read, the more I became interested in who he is and what makes him tick. In a world of doom and gloom, Sean (pronounced Shawn) was a constant positive voice. He writes about people doing good and helping others. He writes about potlucks and preachers. He writes about his own broken home and how he kept going even though his growing up years were difficult. He writes about his wife and how much he loves her. He writes about his mother and how she always believed in him. He writes about going to college as an adult and how it took him eleven years to graduate.

He went for an interview with a newspaper and was told that his type of writing would never sell. He wrote about happy things and the world wants to hear tragedy and drama. He was not convinced. In fact, he didn’t even care that he wasn’t hired by that newspaper because he was sure he wanted to write about things that “don’t sell”.

He has written quite a few books. Most of them are novels, but Will the Circle be Unbroken is his memoir. His father had a Jekyll/Hyde personality. They never knew which mood he would be in and learned to respond accordingly. His father plays a very important role in who Sean is and the struggles he has had to overcome. In a way, Sean’s own life is all about a father that was not there for him, but Sean learned to believe that he would be alright.

The story starts at the worst possible happening in young Sean’s life, working forward to where he is now – much better adjusted and writing a daily column that brings light and happiness to other’s.

He is from the south, so food figures greatly in his narrative. Fried chicken, BBQ and potlucks at church.

If you are looking for some uplifting short stories about real people read Sean of the South. He will not disappoint!

Do you read Sean of the South? If so, what do you think?

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