Tell Me Everything

Erica Krause, 2022

Rating: 4 out of 6.

Non-fiction, Personal Memoir, Crime

Erica Krause does not have a memorable face, yet everyone thinks they may know her from somewhere. Complete strangers walk up to her and ask where they know her from. Fellow shoppers share secrets they have told no one else. This happened in a bookstore and a job came out of it. She was looking at the same book as a stranger. With no warning he started telling her about his life. He was a lawyer and was trying to decide where he was heading. His practice wasn’t moving forward like he wanted it to. He apologized for dumping his troubles on her. She reassured him that she was used to it. Mr. Lawyer then offered Ms Krause a job as private investigater for his firm. Erica figured since people were telling her secrets anyways, she may as well make money from it. The main case she is assigned to, and the one they can’t seem to crack, is a civil rights case against a popular college involving rape and the football team. Ms Krause is trying to help the lawyer prove that the team is infallable in the eyes of the college and the public and whatever happens gets swept under the carpet.

I really enjoyed reading about this case through the eyes of a layperson. A lot of times I read lawyerly books by an author like John Grisham and that is through the eyes of the lawyer, most times. It was really interesting to see it throught the eyes of someone who knew next to nothing about law. The story dragged a bit through the middle, but I think that is true to form. The case also dragged. They knew what they were seeing, but had no way to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. This book was very enjoyable, not riveting, but easy to listen to while I repainted my bedroom. It gave me a new look at college and football. It it all true? If so, I am sorry for the unsuspecting girls that are involved. I am also glad complete strangers don’t tell me everything.

Do people tell you everything? How do you deal with it?

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