We Have Time

As we were driving recently, I found myself singing the song God Has Time. Every line reminded me of his care and then I noticed it also reminded me of the important things that I should care about too. Maybe I am reading between the lines and getting more out of the song than the author even expected. But that’s the magic of the written word; we can interpret it to our own situation. Let me explain.

God hangs the sun on nothing at all, suspends the earth in space. He has time for the big daily things that make life possible on earth. That’s like me having time for a job, cooking, laundry and all things that maintain life at home.

He charts the path of each star in the sky, each one in it’s rightful place. He has time to keep record of what’s going on in the universe. He keeps the stars from colliding. He expects me to keep my space and people organized, to keep good records and make sure our schedules work well together.

He paints the rainbows colors so bright. He has time for creative work, to create beauty just for my enjoyment. I have time for creative work, too, like writing, making a pretty and pleasing home or even painting a rainbow.

He shapes the mountains tall. Daily the mountains and landscape is shaped by the weather. And I can take time to build up the character in my children and myself and my friends. To read books that challenge me to grow. To listen to others.

His hand controls the wind and the rain, he’s the master of it all. God has time to calm the storm. He gives me plenty of time to attend to the emotional storms in my own mind, to master my feelings. He helps me set the atmosphere in our home and to be in control of at least a bit of the happiness of the ones who live with me.

Yet he has time for each sparrow that falls. In spite of all his big jobs in being in control of everything, he has time for the little things too. His random acts of kindness inspires me to find some way to be a secret blessing to others.

Time for the wandering child who calls. When I wander, he takes the time to call me back to him. I can attend to the needs of my children or others as they come to my attention.

Time for each sinner he sees on his knees. He takes time to make a real difference in my life and anyone who is willing to turn to him. In his example I see he gives me a circle of influence where I can make a difference for somebody too.

And he has time for me. He personally knows me as I am. He helps me learn to understand my own and others’ personalities. He gives me time to rest and restore myself so I can have strength to again work with hanging the sun and moon in my own little sphere.

I am created in his image. In my own little way, in my own corner of the world, I can trust him to give me the time for the things that really matter. God has time, and so do I.


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