My Reading Life: A Book Journal

Here’s a little book to keep track of all the books you read. I used it last year and recommend it highly. It was fun to fill out, gave me lots of ideas and recommendations, helped me understand what kind of books I like and made me remember them better.

The journal has space to record 100 books. Each entry includes space for book statistics, dates for starting and finishing the book, a rating scale, and space for comments or quotes. But in between, there are a lot of other cool features. These include 25 book lists on various topics. There’s a place to set reading goals, tips to overcome a reading rut, a book club guide and more. There is space to analyze your reading style and tastes, keep track of a To Be Read list, bookstores to visit, favorite quotes and a log of borrowed or loaned books. At the end, you get a chance to reflect on the books you have read and choose your favorites.

This book helped me remember so many more facts about the books I read. (If I can’t remember, I can always check my notes.) I gained confidence in not finishing a book that wasn’t working, because I wanted to fill the pages as quickly as possible. I always thought I read mostly non-fiction, but the facts are it’s evenly divided between fiction and non-fiction. And just to see the last 100 books I’ve read listed out is pretty amazing!

You can purchase this book on Amazon. My Reading Life was written by Anne Bogel.

How do you keep track of the books you read?

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