Clutter and a Bedroom Switch

I just finished with a major house reorder. We moved into the girls room. They moved into the office and the office moved to what had been our bedroom. Why would a person do that? The first and foremost reason is because the thermostat is at the wrong place in our house.

Seriously, that is part of the reason. Our thermostat is in the hallway right across from the front door. The front door is far from airtight. We live in the north and get lots of wind that batters our front door. That wind seeps in the cracks and crannies and sneaks right up to our thermostat, which makes the furnace run.

Our bedroom is on the other end of the house next to the furnace, so no matter how low we set the furnace, our room was always blazing it seemed.

About a year ago I told Weston we should rearrange the house. He wasn’t too sure about it. After all, it is the master bedroom. Bathroom attached and all that. Why would we downgrade by moving to a smaller room, no en suite? Imaginge my surprise a couple months ago when he told me he thought we should try to figure it out. Would it even be possible? We would need bunkbeds for the girls since the room they would move into would be quite a bit smaller than where they are now. We would need to figure out how to get internet to the other end of the house. Plus, we would have to go through absolutly everything in the house to move all of us to different rooms.

Ugh. I wondered if it was worth it.

The first thing we had to find was a bunkbed. We wanted a bunkbed with a full size bed on the bottom and we weren’t quite ready to buy. I decided to ask if anyone had one they were wanting to get rid of. Another surprise was in store. My neighbor lady said they had one they quit using aince their girls were grown, but it was a full size on the bottom. We could just borrow it if that was what we wanted. Perfect! One hurdle over.

The internet, of course, was no issue. Make a phone call and they take care of everything. Now to get the computer with all its cords and routers moved over there.

Going through everything took about a week and a half of fairly devoted sorting. Five trash bags out to the burn barrel. One very full trunkful to Salvation Army. Two largish pieces of furniture to friends. We are now all settled into our new rooms and we love it! The office has room for a table for a puzzle. It is right close to the kitchen, so when Weston does bookwork, he isn’t far away.

And best of all? I am sleeping much better than I did in the other room. I don’t exactly know why, aside from the fact that it is much cooler.

But I think there is more to it than that. Part of it is the fact that I don’t have clutter and unneccesary things in my house. Every closet and every cupboard is gone through. I can identify with Kimberly Rae Miller in her book Coming Clean. It does feel good to have clutter taken care of and free up space.

Would you ever consider changing rooms up in your house? If so, what would you do?

3 responses to “Clutter and a Bedroom Switch”

  1. Oh hilarious! I can relate with the thermostat problems.. we live in an old house with the thermostat right inside a north facing door too. Upstairs is always toasty. And hopefully your girls enjoy that old bunk bed as much as we did! It’s quite squeaky when you bounce on it😅 and whoever was sleeping on the bottom bunk always thought it was great fun to stick our feet through the rungs + push the top mattress up in the air while it was occupied😄

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